The innovative Plug-in Hybrid system that powers the Outlander PHEV delivers remarkable eco efficiency without compromising comfort, performance or convenience. Sophisticated yet, practical, it represents the next generation of electric cars. The new Outlander Plug-in Hybrid SUV brings you fuel efficiency like you’ve never experienced before in an SUV.

A highly efficient 2.0L MIVEC petrol engine paired with high output 60kW twin front and rear motors and a high capacity 12kWh drive battery can produce a combined fuel economy of 1.9L/100km.* That’s remarkable for any car, let alone an SUV. And there's no loss of power and no loss of range. PHEV offers an unbelievable cruising range.

Around the suburbs or the city you can drive up to 50km a day in EV mode when fully charged. That's ZERO fuel and ZERO drive time emissions. You'll most likely need to charge every few days but that's as simple as plugging your PHEV into a 15 amp power point at home.

*Combined fuel efficency ADR 81/02

Energy Efficient Motoring

With its official ADR fuel economy rating of 1.9L/100km*, and unbelievable cruising range thanks to its new developed plug-in hybrid system, the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is set to redefine perceptions of electric hybrid cars in Australia.

* Based on the official ADR 81/02 test cycle.

Plug-in Hybrid EV System

A high capacity drive battery under the floor, coupled with front and rear high-output motors, extends the EV cruising range and contributes to the kind of linear acceleration that only cars with electric motors are expected to deliver.

Twin Motors

Separately mounted motors at the front and rear axles deliver incredibly responsive 4WD performance with S-AWC ensuring excellent driving stability and intuitive, linear handling.
2.0L MIVEC Engine

The powerful, highly efficient MIVEC (Mitsubishi Innovative Valve timing Electronic Control system) engine minimises CO2 emissions while maintaining incredible responsive 4WD performance.
Drive Modes: EV Drive Mode Explained

The Outlander PHEV is powered solely from electricity from the drive battery, using no petrol. EV mode is quiet, smooth and typically used in slow moving traffic conditions where traditional petrol engines are inefficient.

Drive Modes: Series Hybrid Mode Explained

The electric motors still power the Outlander PHEV but the electricity comes from both the drive battery and the onboard generator. This mode will activate with rapid acceleration, hill climbing or when battery charging is required.

Drive Modes: Parallel Hybrid Mode Explained

Both the electric motors and petrol engine provide power to the wheels. This mode typically occurs during high speed driving when petrol engine efficiency is high.

EV Safety

You can be sure that every aspect of Outlander Plug-in Hybrid has been carefully engineered to protect both occupants and the environment. A waterproof casing around the battery pack and a special undercoating has been specifically designed for tough SUV driving conditions.

Multi-Information Display

A high definition 4.2 inch colour LCD keeps you informed by displaying battery level, drive mode, PHEV system energy flow and more. A switch lets you toggle between display functions.

Charging Systems

Innovation spells convenience in the new Outlander PHEV. You can plug-in charge the battery at your home while sleeping, charge the battery via the engine as you drive, or charge at commercial facilities.

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