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LMCT 1411
19MY Triton is fully equipped with the latest in MMC active safety technologies. Based on the approach of using multiple types of sensors to monitor the full perimeter of the car, the active safety systems predict situations that can lead to an accident and assist the driver in avoiding them

Forward Collision Mitigation
The Forward Collision Mitigation system uses a camera, laser radar and millimetre-wave radar to detect vehicles or pedestrians ahead. If it determines a risk of collision it audibly warns the driver and assists in mitigating collision damage or, depending on the situation, in avoiding a collision by automatically applying the brakes. 

Ultrasonic-misacceleration Mitigation System
The Ultrasonic-misacceleration Mitigation System controls engine power output to control abrupt acceleration from a rested state when, with another vehicle or obstacle ahead, the driver mistakes the accelerator for the brake and presses it too hard, too quickly.

Blind Spot Warning system with Lane Change Assist and Rear Cross Traffic Alert
The Blind Spot Warning system with Lane Change Assist and Rear Cross Traffic Alert system warns the driver when there are vehicles approaching from the rear and sides, and assists the driver during lane changes and when driving in reverse.

Lane Departure Warning
The Lane Departure Warning system alerts the driver when it senses that the car is about to drift out of its lane.
Automatic high beam system
The Automatic high beam system detects the brightness of objects along and on the roads such as the lights of preceding vehicles and oncoming vehicles. The low beam headlamps and Lane Departure Warning 


The following safety equipment/systems are used:

•    RISE Body (Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution body)
•    Driver's and front passenger's SRS (Supplemental Restraint System) air bag
•    Curtain air bag and Side-airbag
•    Driver's knee air bags
•    Front seat belt retractor with pre-tensioner and force-limiter function.
•    ISOfix rear seat belt with ALR (child seat fixing mechanism)
•    Immobilizer function